Citizen engagement and information

We strengthen hromadas’ ability to inform residents about services and engage them in democratic processes.

What we do

We provide expert support to hromadas to better inform their residents about ASC services. We facilitate a dialogue between hromada officials and citizens to improve the services.

How we work

Our experts help hromadas to assess the current level of citizen engagement and information sharing. Based on this we develop training sessions and tools for hromada officials and ASC staff . In our work, we focus on the applied practices of knowledge and skills gained.

Our priorities 

  • Introduction of systematic communication between hromada officials and residents, and establishment of cooperation between them.
  • Strengthening of residents’ engagement in ASC-based community activities: public hearings, discussions, participatory budgeting, etc.
  • Increase of citizens' involvement in local governance to improve access to services and the general prosperity of hromadas.

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