Help desk support service

We help hromadas to create or improve an ASC so that residents could have access to quality services.


What we do 

We develop a step-by-step plan of the ASC establishment or improvement, help to organize the ASC interior properly, and provide templates of necessary documents. Our experts help to integrate services into the ASC, advise on the organization of work and the accessibility of services for all hromada residents.


How we work 

After hromadas have applied for support, our experts study the case in detail. They provide online consultations and may conduct on-site visits to the hromadas to better assess the situation. Having analyzed the case, we suggest concrete solutions and develop a plan for their implementation. During the implementation stage, among other consultancy, experts advise hromadas on how to do it more effectively.


Our priorities 

  • Create or modernize ASCs to provide residents in hromadas with access to services.
  • Analyze the current situation and develop the optimal access to services at ASCs, their territorial divisions, and remote workplaces.
  • Increase the number of services provided by ASCs and improve their quality.


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