We support  improvement of legislation and public policies to strengthen the accessibility and quality of administrative services in hromadas.

What we do

Project experts identify and analyze legislative issues faced by hromadas while organizing service provision in ASCs, and offer relevant solutions. We work to ensure that  voices of hromadas is taken into consideration at the national level when decisions regarding the provision of services in Ukraine are made.

How we work

Our experts analyze legislation and existing practices, conduct public consultations to discuss administrative service policies, consult and provide expert support to the government and the parliament.

Our priorities 

  • We form a platform for stakeholders to openly discuss policy issues in administrative services. 
  • We make a special emphasis on the establishment of a dialogue between hromadas and central authorities.
  • We help to overcome legislative and institutional barriers to the integration of services in ASCs. In particular, we support  decentralization of authority to local government in provision of essential services, and to ensure the availability of services in amalgamated hromadas.
  • We consult on the transparency and validity of administrative fees, ensuring accessibility to "physical" and digital administrative services.

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