Trainings and education

We train hromada officials and ASC staff how to provide services to residents effectively. 

What we do 

We train ASC staff so they can provide services to hromada residents more professionally and effectively. In addition to professional skills, training covers business ethics, gender equality, and best practices in service delivery. We also work with hromada officials to support them at various stages of service delivery.

How we work 

Our experts conduct training sessions for ASC management and staff, improving their professional knowledge and skills. We also organize study visits to facilitate exchange of experience in service delivery between hromadas.

Our priorities 

  • High quality and professional approach in service delivery by ASC staff.
  • Dissemination and implementation of the best practices in  ASCs. delivery of services.
  • Implementation of the principles of business ethics, gender equality, and inclusion in the delivery of services to hromada residents.

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