Project PROSTO, aimed at improvement of services in hromadas, launched

The presentation of the new project PROSTO "Support to Services Availability in Ukraine" took place on October 25, 2021. It is an international technical assistance project that aims to improve the delivery of services to hromada residents as part of the decentralization reform. 

"The ambitious goal of the Ministry of Digital Transformation is to provide modern public services in every hromada by 2023. That is why we are comprehensively developing and increasing the network of ASCs, launching digital tools, training employees, and introducing monitoring and evaluation of the quality of administrative services. I am sure that together with the PROSTO project we will be able to come closer to implementation of all the objectives, making an ASC a place that exceeds the expectations of visitors," – Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Ludmyla Rabchynska said.

The Swedish-Ukrainian project will provide expert support to hromadas that are planning to establish an Administrative Services Center or would like to modernize an existing ASC. Leaders of hromadas and ASC staff will be also supported through training so that they could provide services to residents more efficiently.


Susanna Dellans, Reform Support Program Coordinator, Second Secretary, Embassy of Sweden to Ukraine


Within the PROSTO project, we will continue to help hromadas increase their capacity by providing comprehensive expert support for establishment of efficient administrative service centres. We will also work to raise awareness among local authorities and ASC staff about transparency, inclusivity, and gender equality, using Swedish and Ukrainian best practices. I hope that the newly created hromadas of Ukraine will use opportunities offered by the PROSTO project for improving the quality and accessibility of services for their residents”, - Counsellor, Head of Section for Reform Support of the Embassy of Sweden to Ukraine Cecilia Chroona said.

As of now, over 2300 service access points are functioning in Ukraine (ASCs, their territorial divisions, remote workplaces etc.), employing over 15 thousand people. The legislation requires all hromadas to establish an ASC by early 2024, and that is more than 500 hromadas that require expert support.

"Hromada residents have already felt the positive effects from the decentralization. And we continue to work so that people from both big cities and small villages could have equal access to qualitative and affordable services. The new phase of the reform brings new challenges: expansion of authorities of local self-government and their separation from the executive power, amendments to the Constitution, and legislation. Under these circumstances, the support of our international partners is very important, and we welcome the PROSTO project that joined our joint efforts to improve services in hromadas", - Deputy Minister for Communities and Territories Development Viacheslav Nehoda said. 


PROSTO will also serve as a platform for dialogue between the central government and local authorities and will work to improve legislation and government policies in the public services sector. 

"The issue of professional capacity, professionalism, and competence to carry out the tasks that local governments face is one of the priorities of the National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service. Strengthening local human resources capacity is an important criterion for creating capable hromadas. We welcome the PROSTO project, which will provide training support to increase the professionalism of local government officials so they could provide citizens with effective, quality, and gender-oriented services", - the Head of the National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service Natalia Alyushyna said.

In addition to increasing the capacity of hromadas to provide services to residents, the project will systematically introduce best practices on gender equality and inclusion. The particular emphasis will be made on strengthening the local governments’ ability to inform about services in ASCs and engage residents in democratic processes.


In November-December, the project experts will conduct training for hromada leaders on ASC establishment. It will be useful for heads of hromadas, their deputies, case managers and specialists, responsible for financial planning. And on November 25 a training for ASC administrators and staff on the proper organization of services and overcoming common problems will be held. The full training calendar is continually updated on the project website:








Project “PROSTO: Support to Services Availability in Ukraine 2021-2023” works at the local and national levels to improve service delivery for people. The project is funded by the Government of Sweden through the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida) and implemented by SKL International.,